7 Newborn Things That Are Totally Not Worth Freaking Over

Your post-baby day brain is filled with hundreds of “What if’s.” What if baby’s pooping too much? What if she’s not pooping enough? What if she’s sleeping for too long at a time? What if she won’t sleep at all? And, why is she crying ALL of the time? We’re here to tell you - take a deep breath and relax! We’ve put together this list of totally normal baby behaviors that you don’t need to stress out about at all.

1. Poop Color: You open up your baby’s diaper and find -WHAT? Not anything that you were expecting. Before you speed-dial the pediatrician, keep in mind that some not-so-normal colors are actually okay. Breastfed babies often have mustardy or greenish poop, while formula-fed newborns might come in shades of tan, brown or tannish-green. Obviously, red, black or bloody poop should be totally alarming. Call your doctor, but don’t immediately assume something major is wrong (only a medical expert can evaluate what’s going on with your baby). On occasion, the blood is actually from …

5 Easy Meals to Bring a New Mom

She just spent nine months growing another human being inside of her, 12 hours in labor, 45 minutes pushing and now she has to cook dinner? Um, no. Your BFF just brought home the most precious little baby in the world. That newborn may look perfectly peaceful, but don’t be fooled. She’s keeping your friend up all night, not letting her shower and making it almost impossible to get anything around the house done. Instead of ordering out night after night, your new-mommy friend is jonesing for a home-cooked meal. That is… a meal that’s home-cooked by someone else! Check out these easy meal options to help the new mom -she’ll appreciate it more than you know.

1. Dressed-Up Spaghetti Sauce: Even though the new mom doesn’t have hours to slave over a hot stove, she might have a few minutes to boil some water and toss a few fistfuls of pasta in (or, at the very least, her baby-daddy can). All you need to supply is a super-charged sauce. If Mom (and the rest of her family) eat meat, ground bee…